Meet the people behind NearDesk

  • Tom Ball

    Tom Ball, CEO

    • Tom is founder and CEO of NearDesk. A self-confessed tech geek, he started programming computers when he was five. Tom is passionate about the growth of hubs and especially the ability for people to work near home - reducing wasted travel and bringing communities and high streets back to life.
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  • Melody Slinn

    Melody Slinn, Operations Director

    • Melody is the consummate Operations Director. Absolutely nothing escapes her keen eye for detail. She brings a wealth of experience from a wide variety of industries from the Charity Sector to the Foreign Office. She is very much the back bone of the organisation and is a long time and trusted member of the team
  • Mark Denby

    Mark Denby, Founding Investor

    • Mark’s background is in financial markets, having built and sold a private client fund management business. His passion for new ways of working and the technologies that enable these stems from a desire for people to get more from their lives, both in terms of productivity and enjoyment. He’s a keen tennis player and kite-surfer but not rush-hour commuter, which he avoids doing at all costs, although he does admit to enjoying intercity journeys on uncrowded trains with a good book.
  • Jenna Bilby

    Jenna Bilby, Location Support

    • Jenna supports our many venues day to day. With a background in front -of -house in shared working environments, she has all the skills necessary to give friendly, empathetic and knowledge based support to those running locations on the NearDesk network. On a mission to find and share new standards across the industry.
  • Stefan Finch

    Stefan Finch, CTO

    • Over 15 years' experience building development teams, digital agencies and well-known websites. Passionate about intelligent, responsive, and user-friendly web/mobile applications – and all things related.
  • Alexey & team

    Alexey Abramov, Dennis Buduev and team, Developers

    • Alexey, Dennis and their team are deep, deep geeks. Highly skilled developers with decades of experience, they are responsible for all aspects of the NearDesk platform.
  • Sharon Lemieux

    Sharon Lemieux, PA/Reception

    • Professional PA for many years and now PA / Receptionist for NearDesk. As sparkly as the rest of the team and often to be found making things happen at short notice - from meetings to bus tours.
  • AllABoardroom

    AllABoardroom, Professional Business Coach

    • AllABoardroom is the NearDesk tour vehicle used to promote anywhere working across the UK. Watch out for the next tour due this Autumn - and get in touch if you want to be involved in future tours.
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  • Anne Cantelo

    Anne Cantelo, PR

    • Anne has spent the last 30 years helping people communicate to business audiences and to the public. Anne has advised Cabinet Ministers to boy bands, large corporates to tiny start-ups. For most of that time she's suffered a 1.5 hour commute. In 1988 she worked partly from home but quickly realised the downsides. Anne wishes NearDesk was available at the start of her career, or nearly 22 thousand hours commuting ago.
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