General Questions

  1. How do I contact NearDesk?
    Email us on

    You can call us on 020 7060 7069

  2. What is NearDesk?
    NearDesk is an ‘oyster’ card for Deskspace. Pay only for the time that you use the space, PAYG, minimum 1 hour. See our website for a full list of locations that are on the NearDesk network. You can use NearDesk whether you want to escape the bedroom to work in a proper office environment, are fed up of working coffee shops or are on the move, between meetings and need some touchdown space.
  3. How does NearDesk work?
    Simply sign up for a NearDesk card at and on your visit to any of our locations you will receive your NearDesk card. Everytime you enter a NearDesk location simply touch your card on the NearDesk cardreader and start using the space. When you are finished just touch out and the clock stops ticking. Your bill will be deducted from your account by Direct Debit.
  4. What is the NearDesk "who's here now" software?
    NearDesk asks you to set up a profile that you can make visible to other NearDesk members when you are using a NearDesk location. This is an ideal opportunity to get to know who else is using the space and what they do. You can set the profile to show that you are in a sociable mood, or that you absolutely don’t want to be disturbed. If you are up for conversation, other members can contact you via the NearDesk software.

Membership & Profiles

  1. How do I sign up as a member?
    Go to and complete the simple online form. You will be asked to complete a pre-authorisation Direct Debit, which we operate through GoCardless, and a profile of yourself. That is it! Your card will be waiting for you on your first visit to a NearDesk location.
  2. How do I get my card?
    Once you have registered with NearDesk, just go to the Card page of your profile to get your card:
  3. What if I lose my NearDesk Card?
    Just email and we will cancel the card. It will stop working straight away. As an additional precaution, if somebody else tries to use your card in a NearDesk location, as soon as they touch in an email will be sent to your email address. You simply click on the ‘not me’ link at the bottom of the email and we will know immediately which location the fraudster is using and they can be approached straight away and the card cancelled. If you have uploaded your photo on your profile, the receptionist in the location will immediately be able to tell that it isn’t you and cancel your card there and then and let you know.
  4. Can I sign up with ND as a company?
  5. Do you have a corporate ND account?
    We don’t currently issue corporate NearDesk cards. However, you can opt, for an additional fee, to have your brand on the card. Additionally you can have cards issued to your employees and the bill sent to you to pay for all of your employees who are using NearDesk.
  6. Do I have to add a profile?
    You don’t but you might find it helpful to you business if you do. We encourage members to upload their photograph so that others in the location can see who you are. But if you are a very private person and prefer to remain anonymous, then that is fine. You can choose how your profile looks to other people and whether it is accessible to people only when you are in a NearDesk location or at all other times. Only people who are in the same location as you can see from your profile that you are at that location. Ie only people who can physically see you know where you are.
  7. Can people see my profile when I am not in a ND location?
    This is a matter of choice and you can change the settings on your profile page
  8. I don’t want people in the ND location to know that I am there, can I change my profile settings?
    Yes you can. We would recommend that to get the most out of being a NearDesk member you allow people in the location to see your profile, but we understand that some people are more private or will feel that they are doing sensitive work and will not want others to know who they are. Just change how your profile is shown to others in the room at
  9. How do I see who else is in the location?
    Some NearDesk locations will have monitor on the wall where you will be able to see who else is in the location. But you can always go to and see who else is sharing the space. This link will only work when you have touched into a location and logged into the NearDesk website.

  1. How much does it cost?
    Membership costs £20. Use of deskspace varies from location to location and their hourly rates are listed on our website.
  2. Do you take credit card payments?
    Yes. We take any major credit card. Just set it up when you join or click on your billing tabe when you are logged in.
  3. Why do you use Direct Debit?
    By using Direct Debit, unlike other top-up cards, we don’t need to take money from you in advance of using the desk. We only take money from your account after you have used a desk in the NearDesk network. Once you have set it up its hassle free and you don’t have to remember to top-up your card. Just make sure you check your bills and ensure that you touch out when you leave a location. If you don’t touch out the clock will still be ticking and you may get billed for a longer period. Remember that Direct Debits are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme and you have much greater control over the GoCardless account that we use to manage Direct Debits than you do over credit cards. Just log in to your GoCardless account and you can cancel a payment that you don't think should have been taken. And you can cancel your Direct Debit at any time and reactivate at any time. No phone calls necessary. But you can also use your credit card if you wish - but you will only be billed after you have used a desk.
  4. How can I check how much my next bill will be?
    You can always check how much you are spending by going to And you will receive an email at the end of the day detailing how much you will be charged.

Locations and How to use them

  1. How do I find a desk?
    The NearDesk website lists all the locations that are registered with us. It indicates whether desks are available at those locations and, when logged in, you can reserve a space for up to 30 minutes ahead of you arriving. If there isn’t a NearDesk location near you, you can let us know at and we will do our best to get one open near you.
  2. Do I have to make a reservation for hotdesking?
    No but we would highly recommend that you do as some locations are likely to fill up very quickly. Reserving a space is easy, just log in, then click on the ‘reserve’ button to reserve your deskspace up to 30 minutes before your arrival.
  3. What if I get to a location and there isn’t a desk available?
    We stongly recommend that you check the website before you arrive at the location to see if there are desks available and then reserve one ahead of arrival. Some locations are only able to offer deskspace on particular days of the week or will be more popular and fill up quickly. If you do arrive and there isn’t a desk available, although most locations will try to accommodate you, you can revisit the website and see if there is another location nearby.
  4. Can I reserve a desk from my mobile phone?
    You can access the website through your mobile phone via the NearDesk app which is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Follow this link to download:
  5. Why do some locations say 'Phone ahead'?
    Locations can set their status so that you have real-time information as to whether the location has desks available or not. It is highly recommended that you phone ahead if requested to do so as you don't want to turn up and find that there isn't a desk available.
  6. Is it the same price in all locations?
    No – each location is very different and they set their own rates. Please check the location’s details on the website for up to date rates for the location that you are interested in.
  7. Can I bring guests into the location?
    Yes. Unless the location has a policy that says no guests are allowed. But each guest will be charged by the hour in the same way that any NearDesk member is, but it is the NearDesk member who will be billed for their guest. We encourage you to let the receptionist at the location know that you are expecting a guest and who they are so that they can log it and give your guest a professional welcome when they arrive.
  8. Do my guests need a card?
    No. But each guest will be charged by the hour in the same way that any NearDesk member is, but it is the NearDesk member who will be billed for their guest. We encourage you to let the receptionist at the location know that you are expecting a guest and who they are so that they can log it and give your guest a professional welcome when they arrive.
  9. Can I access the locations 24/7?
    All locations will set their own access policy. You can see their individual opening hours on the website.
  10. Can I see who’s here on my phone?
    You can access on your mobile phone, and an app should be available in early 2014. This will make it more user friendly.
  11. Do all locations provide the same facilities?
    No. The listing on the website will give you an idea of the facilities that are offered. In the near future we shall be offering a ‘star rating’ so that you can quickly assess the standard of the location. The locations on our network range in what they offer, some are spare deskspace in offices, or spare deskspace in Business Centres. Others are dedicated coworking spaces and will have an established community of coworkers, whilst others are top-end members clubs. We hope that by offering a wide variety of type of space, we will be able to cater for all requirements.
  12. Does NearDesk operate all the locations?
    No. NearDesk has no locations of its own. Locations are operated by their owners.
  13. What if there isn’t a location near me?
    The NearDesk network is growing everyday and it maybe that one is due to open near you in the near future. But do email us at to let us know. That way we can use demand to get more locations open.


  1. Can I top up my card?
    We don’t want to take money from you before you have used a NearDesk location, so the answer is no you don’t need to top up your card. Instead you are asked to pre-authorise us to direct debit your bank account at the end of each day that you make use of the NearDesk facility.
  2. Can I make a payment online?
    Payments for using NearDesk locations is made by Direct Debit so there is no need to pay online.
  3. How will I get billed?
    When you sign up, you will pre-authorise NearDesk to directly debit your account for the amount you use on a daily basis. At the end of each day that you use a NearDesk location, you will be sent an email detailing your spend that day and your bank account will be direct debited for that amount. A VAT invoice is produced once a month detailing all your spend and payments made.
  4. When do I get billed?
    At the end of each day that you have used a NearDesk location.
  5. Why do you need my bank details?
    We need your bank details so that we can settle your bills by Direct Debit. Your details are held by and not by NearDesk. Please see their website for their security and data protection policies.
  6. Where do I find my billing details?
    You can see your current bill on the NearDesk website. You can login to your account and by clicking on the company profile, and then bills you will access your details. A VAT invoice is issued once a month and can be found here too.
  7. What if I don’t agree with the bill?
    Email detailing why you think that the bill is incorrect. Please remember that if you have not touched out of the location you may be billed for longer than you were expecting. Once we have received your email we will contact the location and ask their receptionist to check the detail of the billing again.
  8. Can my bills be paid by somebody else?
    Yes. Let us know that you wish someone else to pay your bill and we will contact them to set this up.