Better for us all

We believe that the widespread adoption of flexible working could have a huge
impact to many of the challenges we are facing today. These include:

  • Reinvigorating our high streets

    • Increase footfall: working near home means people will buy locally
    • Improve communities: opportunities to get to know people who live near you not just people you work with
    • Repurpose empty shops: changes in shopping habits suggest that many of the 100m sq ft of empty shops will need to be used differently
  • Reduce Congestion. Reduce Carbon

    • Reduce carbon: O2 report a saving of 50% on carbon emissions by adopting mobile working practices
    • Reduce congestion: fewer hours lost by those who have to commute and safer roads
    • Increase alternative modes of transport: working nearer home increases the opportunity to cycle, run or walk to work
    • Reduce demands on public transport: impact of flexible working during the London Olympics 2012 saw a reduction of 5% in demand
  • Pro-families

    • Make work viable for more people: commuting is a serious cost of people who are wanting to return to work; having to spend a long time travelling means more money has to be spent on childcare
    • Work/life balance: fewer hours spent commuting means more time for family and leisure
    • Family Friendly: easier to respond to family emergencies eg children’s welfare – fewer unscheduled absences – workplace absence cost the UK economy £14bn in 2012